Allianz Cloud – Drainpanel stormwater management solution

Geoplast, Drainpanel, construction site
Geoplast, Drainpanel, construction site
Geoplast, Drainpanel, detail
Geoplast, Drainpanel, render

Allianz Cloud is one of the biggest and most known multi-purpose sports halls in Milan. It is located in an urban, high-traffic area on the northwest of the city, prone to rainstorm flooding due to many underground streams. Alianz arena grew over the years and can now host up to 5,500 people, which required additional traffic and parking infrastructure. Like in most highly visited places, this created drainage and flooding issues, especially during heavy rainfalls.

We are proud that our Drainpanel proved perfect for building an efficient, high-capacity stormwater management system, able to prevent future flooding and maintenance costs in this important location. Drainpanel elements were laminated in 7 levels to create 4 underground infiltration basins of a 1,6 m height and a total 400 m3 volume.

Along with achieving effective rainwater and flooding management, Drainpanel delivered additional advantages that were crucial for this huge and busy construction site:

  • Its stackability made the logistics easy, demanding less transport and storage than traditional materials,
  • The lightness of the elements made manual handling possible, minimizing the need for cranes and heavy machinery,
  • Its high load resistance made it suitable for congested traffic areas subjected to heavy vehicles,
  • It enabled faster construction, lowering the overall building cost,
  • Along with providing a high capacity water accumulation on the site, it improved the flooding resilience and the sustainability of the surrounding urban area as well.

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