How do lean, sustainability, and profitability work together in construction?

Lean construction, sustainability, and profitability are important aspects of any construction project, both for builders and for users.

  • Lean construction is an approach to the construction process that reduces waste of resources, time, and work, and increases the project value.
  • Sustainability represents the long term approach towards building and the use of resources, especially natural ones.
  • Profitability is a design and management approach that focuses on reducing costs and maximizing value for builders and users.

Lean, sustainability, and profitability are interconnected and mutually reinforcing.

Case studies of our lean, sustainable, and profitable projects:

Symbiosis business district, Milan, Italy

Lean design of the main square in the new business district in Milan included Geoplast’s Modulo, Multimodulo, and New Elevetor. The efficient workflow is achieved with the fast and simple building process, which acquired fewer workers and less storage space to build 5,000 m2 of square surface.

Sustainability benefits:

  • Reduced CO2 emissions,
  • Less waste.

Profitability benefits:

  • Reduced concrete expenses,
  • Lower transportation costs.

Craig House, Edinburgh, Scotland

Sustainability and water resilience of the historical site were improved by the construction of the in-situ concrete stormwater attenuation tank, built with New Elevetor Tank. By building this tank, the historical building, as well as the whole area, are protected from floods.

Lean construction benefits:

  • Efficient solution for water management,
  • Fast building,
  • Fewer machines and manpower.

Profitability benefits:

  • Lowering future costs for repair from flooding,
  • Providing the opportunity for water reuse.

Kalasatama Redi Towers, Helsinki, Finland

A cost-effective solution for the construction of underground car park 30 m below the road surface was achieved by using Geotub formwork for columns. Geotub reduced costs for heavy machinery and for concrete waste that would be expensive to transport to and from the underground construction site.

Sustainability benefits:

  • Less waste,
  • Reduced pollution from transportation and machinery.

Lean construction benefits:

  • Efficient solution for an unapproachable construction site,
  • Faster building process,
  • Less workforce.

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