Our slabs reduce the amount of concrete by up to 20%

Most construction projects are wasteful and cost much more than necessary. Geoplast offers a wide range of slab formworks made of recycled polypropylene (PP), that can reduce the use of concrete and lower the building costs.

Geoplast slabs use up to 20% less concrete than traditional solid slabs, with retained load-bearing capacity. They are therefore lighter, allowing for thinner bearing walls and fewer columns. This reduces the weight of the entire building structure, making it more seismically resilient. Less concrete also implies significant cost reduction of material and machinery, as well as reduced CO2 emissions, which can bring great benefits to environmental sustainability.

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Our projects with lightweight slabs

Duale Hochschule, Stuttgart, Germany
Designer Outlet Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia
Le Nuage, Montpellier, France
Office Building, Cluj Napoca, Romania
Varyant Tower, Bornova, Izmir, Turkey