Top Geotub projects with improved ROI and profitability

Geotub is a cost-effective solution for the efficient construction site. Because of its reusability and simple handling, it allows less manforce and machinery, specifically for unapproachable construction sites. That way, it improves the return on investment (ROI) of construction projects and combines benefits of lean construction, sustainability, and profitability.

Our Geotub improves project profitability in several ways:

See our selected Geotub projects:

Blue Mall, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Our Geotub improved the construction site efficiency, providing the local workforce with lightweight formwork that is easy to install manually.

One Airport Square, Accra, Ghana

Geotub formwork with 80 cm diameter was chosen in order to reduce costs for the creation of circular columns at the restrictive construction site.

Kalasatama REDI Towers, Helsinki, Finland

Geotub was a cost-saving solution for hardly approachable construction of an underground car park, 30 m below the street level.

Fisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi, Russia

In order to speed up the construction works and save costs with reusable formwork, Geotub was chosen for concrete column construction.

Turnpike Highway, Miami, Florida

Geotub was used for the construction of highway overpass without using cranes, and without interruption of highway traffic.