Foundation Beams

Plastic modular formwork for the production of concrete walls, foundations

  • Geopanel usage for foundation slabs and concrete plinths


Modular recycled plastic formwork for the construction of concrete walls, foundations, and columns

Geopanel Star

Modular recycled plastic formwork for the construction of columns, plinths, and concrete walls


GEOPANEL’s capabilities truly shine when used as foundation formwork. Its versatility and ease of use makes our product ideal as foundation footings and plinth formwork. By using GEOPANEL, no alteration, cutting, or trimming is necessary, thus greatly reducing waste on construction sites.


  • storage: GEOPANEL can be completely dismantled and stored even in damp places
  • Easy Installation: light and easy to handle
  • dismantling: it can be easily dismantled and cleaned just with water
  • modularity: all elements are 600 mm long
  • Lightweight: max 11 kg
  • reusable: Geopanel can be reused more than 100 times
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