How water resilience improves single-family home value

Geoplast products for water resilience

Prevention of damage for single-family homes is an important factor for the reduction of expenses. Data and statistics show that floods are the most common among natural disasters, causing more than $40 billion in damage worldwide annually. That is why the single-family house owners are advised to consider all the aspects of the water resilience of their property.

Single-family homes are vulnerable to various water-related risks besides flooding. Water retention at foundations, structural elements or any paved areas of the property will damage building materials and increase maintenance costs. Also, properly planned water infrastructure can reduce water bills.

Geoplast products enhance protection from water risks, reduce maintenance costs and improve the revenue by the improvement of:

Reliable water supply

Our New Elevetor Tank is the system for the realization of cast on-site tanks for water storage. The scarcity of drinking water places it among the most important natural resources that need to be reused and carefully managed. Water stored in New Elevetor Tank can be used for garden irrigation, showering, washing, and fire protection systems.

Sewage system

Our Drening is a rainwater accumulation and draining system for the disposal of wastewater. It can be of immense help in the urban areas with insufficient sewerage network. Drening improves water resilience and is a valid alternative to old rainwater drainage systems which are still in use.

Protection from flooding

Our Drainpanel is a modular element for the creation of underground basins for on-site rainwater management. The risk of flooding can be mitigated by the lamination of infiltration basins. This decreases water damage of foundations and structural construction of the house.

Infrastructure costs

Our Geocell is a modular panel designed for the creation of horizontal and vertical drainage systems for the efficient disposal of rainwater. Water retention, as well as snow or ice on the paved areas, degrade the topcoat of the paving material. Geocell slows down decaying of paved areas reducing expenses for maintenance.

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