Reinforcement of the roadside

The passage of cars and heavy vehicles inevitably damages the roadside, forcing a continuous and expensive maintenance. Thanks to its structure, strength and ease of installation, RUNFLOOR is the ideal solution to ensure full vehicle access and eliminate maintenance costs

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Consolidation of road edges


Grid for high resistance green driveways


The passage of vehicles inevitably damages the surface of the roadside even outside of the roadway. This forces continuous maintenance costs to ensure the safety of the vehicles.

With RUNFLOOR it is now possible to create strong road pavings also suitable for the passage of heavy vehicles, thus eliminating the problems related to the continuous passage and the subsequent maintenance costs. At the same time, the roadside keeps inalterated its draining perimeter, allowing a better water supervision.


  • No maintenance costs
  • Quick and easy to lay
  • Guaranteed durability over time
  • Maintenance of permeability


Every year new houses and their related infrastructures, such as parkings, are built on large areas of land: because of this, the drainage surface of the soil is heavily reduced with serious consequences on hydrogeological balance.

Geoplast green and gravel parkings are the ideal solution to combine urban development and environment respect.


More on water infiltration and environmental danger

In a non-urbanized territory, about half of rainwater infiltrates into the ground contributing to the recharge of aquifers, one of the main sources for water supply. The progressive urbanization is leading to increasing soil sealing, which produces a seriously reduced water infiltration into the ground and an increase in surface runoff. According to the latest European Commission report, every day 250 hectares of land are cemented in Europe; at this rate, in less than a century an area corresponding to the territory of Hungary will be rainproofed. The alteration of natural water balance involves the depletion of groundwater resources as well as very serious problems in the supervision of water flowing along impermeable surfaces, especially during emergency situations. The increase in the frequency and intensity of flood events is an evident proof of this danger. We should urgently begin to apply construction solutions able to restore as much as possible the natural hydrogeological balance of the land. Geogravel and Runfloor allow realizing gravel and grass surfaces which help water infiltration into the soil, at the same time limiting runoff.

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