Fight urban heat with Geoplast

Fight urban heat with Geoplast

It is all over the news – heat waves came early this year in both Europe and the US, with temperatures not normally recorded until July or August. Turning up the air conditioning will only increase energy loads and cause more CO2 emissions. Instead, use our green solutions to sustainably cool down your building and decrease outside temperatures.

Intensive and extensive roof gardens

Drainroof and Completa contain soil and plants that add an extra layer of insulation to the building. They can be installed at an average speed of 450 m2 a day per worker to solve 3 problems at once: keep the interior cooler, save 35 % to 40 % of energy, and increase local green areas to absorb summer heat.

Indoor and outdoor green walls

Green walls are beneficial to multi-story buildings because of the large surface of the facade. Wall-Y can be installed both in the interior and the exterior in only 3 hours, lowering the inside temperature by up to 10 degrees, reducing energy costs by 23 %, and further increasing urban green surfaces.

Green transit and parking areas

Asphalt transit and parking areas dominate our cities and making them green would have a crucial impact on reducing heat islands. Geograss, Geoflor, Runfloor, and Salvaverde create green pedestrian and heavy-duty vehicle surfaces in only 1 hour, making cities more resilient to both heat and flooding.

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