Completa green roof module – designed for multitasking

Completa green roof module - designed for multitasking

Simplicity is key to successful innovation.

With Completa, we kept things simple. Instead of piling up layers upon layers of material, mechanization, and labor, we invented a small, recycled plastic tray, capable of addressing both practical and big environmental issues. Here is what it can do:

Completa - Reduces energy use and cost

Reduces energy use and cost

By adding a layer of soil and plants, Completa provides additional insulation to the building, saving up to 35 % of heating and cooling energy.

Completa - Easy setup and maintenance

Easy setup and maintenance

A vegetated Completa weighs only 18 kg per module and can be installed at an average speed of 450m2 per day by a single worker. Maintenance is done by simply removing the trays, with no damage to the plants or roof functionality.

Completa - Supports plant growth

Supports plant growth

Completa is made of perforated Polypropylene that is resistant to chemicals and microorganisms, which allows a healthy environment for plant growth and drainage.

Completa - Protects the waterproofing

Protects the waterproofing

Completa creates a durable, stable green surface that covers the waterproofing membrane, protecting it from foot traffic and weather events.

Completa - Prevents runoff

Prevents runoff

Completa retains and gradually releases up to 20 l/m2 of rainwater that would otherwise require management, mitigating floods caused by heavy rainfall.

Completa - Decreases urban heat island

Decreases urban heat island

Green roofs reduce pollution and lower local outdoor temperatures in summer, having a cumulative effect on decreasing urban heat islands.

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