5 projects made better with our slab innovations

Our slab innovations prove that sustainable construction is easily profitable. By saving up to 30 % of concrete per slab, we managed to cut down transportation, construction costs, and CO2 emissions in hundreds of buildings globally. Below is a selection of 5 projects we made better with our innovations.

Mahboob Bin Al Ruhail Mosque, Mabela, Oman

Mahboob Bin Al Ruhail Mosque, Mabela

Mahboob Al Ruhail Mosque was a circular open-plan covered with a 26 m roof slab. New Nautilus Evo reduced the weight of the slab by 30 %, allowing it to span the entire space with only a 60 cm height, while also saving 50,000 kg of CO2.

Marmara Tower, Istanbul, Turkey

Marmara Tower, Istanbul

The builders of the multi-story Marmara Tower needed to lower construction costs. By saving 20 % of concrete for slabs, New Nautilus reduced the loads onto other structural elements, improving the profitability, sustainability, and the seismic response of the entire building.

Office Building, Cluj Napoca, Romania

Office Building, Cluj Napoca

The office building in Cluj Napoca required a slab solution that would provide a flexible, mixed-use of the interior. Skydome created aesthetically pleasing open-plan spaces with minimal use of concrete, reducing both the cost and the carbon footprint of the building.

LakePark Residences, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

LakePark Residences, Kuala Lumpur

LakePark Residences was an exclusive apartment building that required a fast return of investment. Geosky was perfect for the residential use because it created flat-finish ceilings, while also being designed for quick manual installation and removal, achieving significant savings in machinery, storage space, and building time.

EDF Research and Development Center, Saclay, France

EDF Research and Development Center, Saclay

The EDF Center needed a sustainable solution for creating open-spaces that would encourage the interaction between research teams. Airplast lightweight slabs reduced the number of concrete columns and walls throughout the 50,000 m2 worksite, increasing the sustainability and cost-savings of the entire project.

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