4 tricks for better single-family homes

1. Green roofs reduce energy costs

Green roofs are energy efficient. A layer of soil provides a thermal shield that protects the house from heat in summer and minimizes heat loss in the winter. Better thermal protection lowers air-conditioning costs, making the family home more cost-effective and sustainable.

Products: Drainroof, Completa

2. Lightweight slabs allow open interiors

Using less steel and concrete reduces slab weight. Lightweight slabs minimize the need for heavy bearing beams, thick walls, and multiple columns. This improves the flexibility of the home’s interior space, making it more adaptable to different functions and market demands.

Products: Skyrail, Skydome

3. Green parking replaces concrete parking

Paved surfaces greatly reduce the permeability of the ground in urban areas. This can endanger the structural elements of family homes, making them more vulnerable to humidity and flooding. Green parking solutions provide natural drainage of the soil, which not only lowers the maintenance costs and improves the landscaping quality of the property, but offers great benefits for the urban environment.

Products: Geograss, Salvaverde

4. Water management reduces damage

A single-family home is susceptible to many water-related risks. Retention of water can endanger the foundations, walls and paved areas of the property, increasing its maintenance costs. A properly planned infrastructure and a reliable water management system can be an important factor in eliminating subsequent water damage expenses.

Products: Aquabox, Drainpanel

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