Geoplast for school projects

New Gymnasium at University of Western Cape, South Africa

We have all learned about the importance of education the hard way during our 2020 Coronavirus scare. While architects are now trying to incorporate ‘the new reality’ into the designs of new schools, we are reviewing all the ways we helped build them over the years. Here are some of the school projects we have managed to construct in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

Paris-Sud University – Biology-Pharmacy-Chemistry Center of Excellence, Paris, France

Solutions applied: Formwork
Products used: Geopanel

Geoplast formwork panels were first chosen as a cost-effective solution for the construction of foundation walls in Biology-Pharmacy-Chemistry Center of Excellence at Paris-Sud University. They proved to be so adaptable that the construction team continued using them throughout the whole 85,000 m2 worksite.

Duale Hochschule, Stuttgart, Germany

Solutions applied: Slabs
Products used: New Nautilus Evo

Danish architects 3XN planned to avoid using numerous massive columns that would interrupt the interior space. They also knew that the full concrete slabs would become too thick and heavy. Our bidirectional formwork was used to build voided slabs, which were much lighter and made the building seismically more resistant.

University O&M, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Solutions applied: Multi Solution
Products used: Geopanel, Geopanel Star, Geosky

The building was located in a dense urban area that was difficult to access. Our formwork for columns and slabs was chosen as a cost-efficient and space-saving solution for the inaccessible construction site.

Wynberg Girls High School, Cape Town, South Africa

Solutions applied: Green
Products used: Drainroof

The Wynberg Girls High School needed an extension of 8 new classrooms. The architects added two wings with 4 classrooms on either side of the existing courtyard, covering them with sloped green roofs. Our Drainroof was used in the construction of the roofs, allowing the prevention of water run-off and the protection of the waterproof membrane.

University Campus, Jolanda di Savoia, Italy

Solutions applied: Water
Products used: Drainpanel

Our Drainpanel was used for the construction of a 300 m² and 400m³ lamination and infiltration drainage basin. There was limited space on site, so the basin had to be built on overlapping levels.

Bolnore Village Primary School, Haywards Heath, United Kingdom

Solutions applied: Green
Products used: Completa

Our sedum system Completa was used for the creation of a 30% sloped roof garden. Completa modular trays allowed great savings by reducing the installation time, while fulfilling the highest energy efficiency criteria.

New Gymnasium at University of Western Cape, South Africa

Solutions applied: Foundations
Products used: New Elevetor, Modulo

Geoplast’s New Elevetor and Modulo systems were used in the construction of foundations. Our products were used to create ventilated crawl spaces that allowed the elimination of rising damp and Radon gas mitigation.

New Campus at University of Padua, Italy

Solutions applied: Foundations
Products used: Modulo, Multimodulo

Geoplast formwork was used in the construction of ventilated foundations at the new campus of University of Padua. Modulo and Multimodulo provided the space for the passage of installation pipes, while also eliminating humidity and the accumulation of Radon gas in the basement and ground floors.