5 projects made better with our water innovations

The climate crisis has put flood risk management at the forefront of urban planning efforts, especially in coastal areas. Extreme weather events are stressing the inefficiency of old concrete and gravel systems, urging for new, long-term solutions that would better protect cities against flooding.

Innovation was key to our success in addressing flooding issues. By utilizing recycled plastic, we created stormwater management systems that were not only more sustainable, but easier to transport and install, and better able to preserve the natural water cycle. Here are 5 projects improved by our solutions:

Milan Bergamo Airport, Orio al Serio, Italy, front view

Milan Bergamo Airport, Orio al Serio

As part of the 70,000 m2 East Terminal construction, Milan Bergamo Airport needed a stormwater dispersion basin for its infrastructure areas, with as little disruption to the existing terminals as possible. Aquabox provided a high-capacity basin in record time, preventing future flood damages and airport maintenance costs.

Allianz Cloud sports hall, Milan

Allianz Cloud sports hall, Milan

Allianz Cloud was located in a congested urban area prone to rainstorm flooding due to many underground streams. Drainpanel modules allowed easy manipulation with no heavy machinery, creating 4 laminated basins with decreased construction time and costs.

Marchesini HQ, Geoplast, Drening

Marchesini Group Headquarters, Paris

Marchesini Group Headquarters demanded a minimally invasive stormwater management solution, able to conform to its small footprint and shallow excavation depth. Drening tunnel-shaped modules easily adapted to the available space, preventing flooding and facilitating rainwater reuse at the same time.

Hathaway House redevelopment, London

Hathaway House Redevelopment, London

The Hathaway House Redevelopment had limited space on its public surfaces. New Elevetor Tank’s fully customizable system helped build a large rainwater accumulation tank under the complex, as part of the underground garage, making the construction quicker and less demanding.

Observatory, Marana di Crespadoro

Observatory, Marana di Crespadoro

Marana Observatory underwent a reconstruction, requiring a new rainwater drainage system on its walkable roof. Geocell provided a decreased thickness of the drainage layer compared to gravel, significantly improving the water drainage capacity at the same time.

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