We need to accelerate sustainable profitability innovation

Accelerate innovation NOW

If sustainably profitable innovations are not adopted fast enough, construction projects will suffer a loss of competitiveness. To accelerate sustainable profitability, we have decided to invest in radically innovative projects:

Roof-to-faucet rainwater reuse

The US has adopted a new regulation to combat climate change: bar and restaurant customers will eat for free and earn health insurance if they agree to drink rainwater. In line with that, Geoplast is developing a new roof-to-faucet system that brings rooftop water straight to your kitchen.

Gea – AI sustainable construction engineer

Sustainability needs are becoming increasingly complex, making the office-worksite juggle a serious challenge. Geoplast is thereby working on a new AI engineer that delivers advice on demand. Do you need to know how to reduce the use of concrete and increase energy efficiency? Just say ‘Hey Gea’ and let the magic happen.

Geoverse – the future city in metaverse

Sustainable profitability is hard to visualize. What does a sustainable and profitable city look like? To accelerate the adoption of the concept we will design Geoverse – a metaverse location that showcases all aspects of a sustainably profitable city. We will work together with top scientists, architects, and engineers in developing this reference model.

Sustainable wheel generator

In addition to our line of passive energy green roofs and walls, we are now creating an active system – a hamster wheel generator operated by 150 pets. Pets could replace 30 % of machine energy, while their sharp teeth can bite unattended cables, reducing electricity usage by another 20 %.

Aquabox-Jupiter basin

Earth’s water reserve will soon be insufficient for its population, but luckily for everyone, we are teaming up with NASA and SpaceX to build a water basin on Jupiter. Unlike concrete and gravel options, Aquabox is extremely light, which makes it the only possible solution for Jupiter’s gas surface and our future water supply.

Happy April Fools Day!

Thank you Mirco, Roberto, Aleksandar, Jelena, and Federico for your crazy ideas.