Marchesini Group Headquaters Water Drainage, Paris, France

Solutions applied
Products used

Marchesini Group Headquarters are located in Saint Mesmes, Northern France. They develop upon an area of about 1000 sqm. and the primary intention of the project was to explore the relationship between the building and the surrounding environment. The structure is simple and it is made by a mix of concrete and steel.

The building is divided into two volumes: the offices in the upper area and the workshop area anchored to the ground. The building follows the skyline of the ground and it is designed to benefit from the natural lights and colors, while at the same time, respect the landscape.

Drening, our plastic tunnel for rainwater attenuation and accumulation was used under this building for its drainage system. It was an excellent solution because is minimally invasive as the intervention considers very low excavation depths. Moreover, it is an optimal solution to prevent the flooding of surfaces and to facilitate the reuse of rainwater, in order to save water.  

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