Happy Global Recycling Day!

Geoplast blog Happy Global Recycling Day

Mass production of plastics began in the 1950s, producing 7 billion tons of plastic waste globally. Less than 10 % has ever been recycled.

Our company was founded with this issue in mind. We made recycled plastic our key production resource in order to minimize the use of raw materials, lower the amount of waste, and make the construction industry more sustainable.

Along the way, we realized that recycled plastic offered benefits beyond waste reduction. Unlike timber, metal, and concrete, it was light, compact, and reusable, which reduced transportation, space, and construction time, making the building process both more sustainable AND more profitable for our clients.

So far, we have developed over 40 innovations in an effort to make your projects more sustainably profitable from foundation to roof. We plan to create many more, keeping in mind that our journey would not have been as successful without you.

Thank you from all of us in Geoplast.
Happy Global Recycling Day!
* Global Recycling Day is celebrated each year on March 18 to help recognize the importance recycling plays in preserving natural resources and the future of our planet. It was established in 2018 with the support of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).
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