Techno Cool, Kazakhstan

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Multimodulo was a cost-effective solution for the frost heaving in the cold room at the Techno Cool factory for fruit treatment in Kazakhstan. The factory will process about 12,000 tons of products per year, providing the opportunity for small local farmers to process their crops. Our Multimodulo is used for the construction of a ventilated slab in the cold room covering the area of 2,120 m2. Besides our product, Geoplast engineering service has assisted the customer during the structural phase of the foundation design.

Multimodulo H20 was chosen because of its benefits:

  • Prevents cracks of the concrete slab due to frost heaving,
  • Lowers the repair costs of structural damage,
  • Faster building process with lightweight elements,
  • Provides the high load-bearing capacity of the concrete slab,
  • Crawl space for installations and plumbing.

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