Torre de Cristal, Madrid, Spain

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Torre de Cristal is the second tallest tower in Spain. It was designed by architect César Pelli and has become one of the Madrid’s landmarks. Due to sustainable solutions used in planning and materialization, like the so called ‘active facade’ and advanced electrical solutions, the building has been certified with A Class Energy Certificate. 

Levels of foundations were all at different heights, which made pouring concrete slab difficult. Our Multimodulo was chosen to create a foundation slab by compensating different foundations’ levels. Offering heights from 13 to 40 cm, Multimodulo successfully filled these spaces and created formwork for the foundation slab molding. 

Multimodulo is a sustainable solution that provided several advantages to the building:

  • Fast installation, because of its modularity and lightness,
  • The optimized packaging of Multimodulo provides lean logistics and less space occupied on-site before it’s installed,
  • Crawl space provided for MEP conducts and other infrastructure,
  • Stable construction, not prone to setting and cracking,
  • Decreasing the concrete volume used to pour the slabs,
  • Good alternative to traditional backfilling solutions.

Being easy to install, Multimodulo also saved time and costs, fulfilling the Lean principles

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