Panama Cruise Terminal, Panama

Solutions applied
Products used

Modulo was a cost-effective and time-saving solution for leveling the walking surface height (+ 0,5 m) at the new Panama Cruise Terminal. The new cruise ship terminal is located at the mouth of the canal on the Pacific coast of the peninsula and covers the area of about 12,000 m2, of which about 8,500 m2 are dedicated to the departures/arrivals terminal. The terminal is built on an artificial island, which required pole foundations.

Modulo was chosen for Cruise Terminal because of its benefits:

  • Lower expenses for machinery and transportation,
  • Efficient storage system at the congested construction site,
  • Voided space is used for hydraulic systems,
  • Optimized building process with lightweight, stackable elements,
  • Reduced use of concrete and CO2 emissions.

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