H-FARM Campus School District

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  • 25000 m2

New Elevetor was chosen as a cost-effective and sustainable solution for the backfilling of ground-floor slabs of the H-FARM Campus School District. The complex covers an area of 25,000m2, with the ground floor raised on 2 levels: 105cm and 125cm. New Elevetor is made of stackable plastic that is exceedingly more compact than gravel, which greatly reduced the volume of material that needed to be transported to the worksite. In comparison: 

1 truckload can carry:  



No. of truckloads needed for H-FARM raised slabs:


25,000m/ 660mof New Elevetor =

38 truckloads


25,000m3 / 20m3 of gravel =

1,250 truckloads 

New Elevetor significantly lowered the transportation and handling costs, and was further appreciated by the H-FARM builders because of its other advantages:

  • Less storage space required on construction site,
  • Low-weight, with no cranes or heavy machinery needed for installation,
  • Modularity and height-adjustability to different leveled surfaces,
  • High load-bearing capacity, suitable for foundation infills as well as urban landscaping,
  • Merging of 2 operations: backfilling and slab-casting,
  • Inspectable crawl spaces, suitable for MEP and vapor mitigation,
  • Up to 80% faster installation than alternatives - the floor slabs were laid in about 30 days,
  • Made of recycled materials and more sustainable than other solutions.

H-FARM Campus is located in Sile River natural park, in the Ca' Tron area, one of the largest agricultural estates in Italy. It was designed by Richard Rogers and Marian Zanon, as one of the most important innovation hubs in Europe. It incorporates several administrative, educational, training, and housing sectors that accommodate more than 3,000 people. Thanks to New Elevetor and other advanced technologies applied in its construction, H-FARM is a sustainable complex that is self-sufficient for 85% of its energy needs.

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