Industrial building in Agigea, Romania

Solutions applied
Products used
Project size
  • 1200 m2

Modulo is chosen for the construction of ventilated foundations at the industrial building in Agigea, Romania. The hall is a part of the industrial complex located at the southern part of Port of Constanța on the Black Sea coast. The concrete foundation plate of the hall covers the area of 1,200 m2. Around 4,800 pcs of Modulo H30 was installed in the construction of foundation slabs and beams. Because of the fast and simple installation process, the concrete plate was completed in 8 days with only 3 workers, without ground digging.

Modulo was chosen as a suitable solution for the foundation plate of the industrial hall, because:

  • It has a high load-bearing capacity, 
  • Eliminates structural failures and cracks by providing added stability,
  • Improves thermal insulation at the ground floor slab of the industrial hall,
  • The ventilated layer in the foundation serves as additional moisture protection,
  • Ventilated space mitigates radon intrusion that evaporates from the soil.

Our foundation solutions with Modulo reduce the costs for thermoregulation and lower the repair expenses for installation pipes, which can be located in the crawl space. Also, our ventilated foundations improve seismic resilience and structural stability of the building. Modulo can collect up to 14 LEED points, raising the overall value of the building.

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