Spring 2021 is here, time for Geoflor lawns

Geoflor is our multi-purpose LD PE grid designed for the protection of existing lawns. With a 100 t/m2 load capacity, it offers immediate pedestrian and motor vehicle access, instantly converting the lawn into a walkable turf or a green driveway. It is cost and time-saving, and far more sustainable than traditional paving systems:

  • It can be installed by one man alone in less than 50m2/hour, without any need for preparation of the subsoil,
  • It is 95% permeable, with zero risks of water retention, freezing, or mechanical damage, lowering maintenance costs,
  • It improves flood resilience of the property and supports the increase of urban green areas.

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Geoflor is naturally incorporated in the grass in a few weeks, so it does not impact the functional or aesthetic appeal of the lawn. This is why it was used on many types of projects around the world, from temporary events and private homes to world-known historical sites of great aesthetic demand and value.

Here is a selection of the best known few we made in Italy, our home green turf:

Mille Miglia at Parco Giardino Sigurtà, Verona

Driveable lawn at Kilometro Rosso, Bergamo

Geoflor green driveways, Campione del Garda

Turf protection at Marcantonio Bentegodi Stadium, Verona

Dell’ Angelo Hospital green roof, Venice

Walkable turf at Square of Miracles, Pisa

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