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Geocross – our new paving product for airfields and drivable surfaces

Geocross is our new flooring product for creating airfields and drivable surfaces on existing soft soil and grass areas. We aimed to implement an innovative, sustainable design in order to preserve difficult-to-use or inapproachable green areas by converting them into usable surfaces.

Geocross is made of durable plastic tiles that weigh only 1.5 kg per piece. This makes it extremely quick and easy to install, by simple manual laying and rolling of the grid into the ground. The 60 % closed surface allows Geocross to ‘float’ on soft ground and evenly distribute the weight of the vehicles, while also preserving rainwater permeability.

Its non-slip octagonal grid guarantees excellent wheel adherence, ensuring a comfortable and safe vehicle transit even in the presence of water and mud. With a 100 t/m2 load capacity, Geocross is able to withstand even the heaviest vehicles and aircrafts.

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Thanks to its innovative design, Geocross is versatile and convenient for a range of solutions:

  • Rapid setup of airfields on grass surfaces,
  • Paving for ultralight runways,
  • Safe access for service vehicles,
  • Soil stabilization for driving and transit areas.

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