What if 56,000 km2 of parking lots were green?

Parking lots are growing globally. Just in America parking lots cover the surface of up to 56,000 km2. Asphalt is the main material used in parking lots and its production and use increases CO2 emissions. Additionally parking lots require demanding water management and increase urban heat islands.

In response, parking lots are becoming an important resource in making construction and cities more sustainable and resilient. Green parking lots are easy to install and maintain, and are replacing asphalt and other materials as a sustainable solution for parking lots. Their implementation increases the urban greenery which is more useful to local climate and inhabitants’ wellbeing.

Geograss, Geoflor and Runfloor are our solutions for green parking lots. They are grids made of recycled plastic, suitable both for car parks and drainage areas exposed to dense traffic, and provide flexibility and mechanical resistance against traffic load. Grids are installed atop of sand-bedding and draining layer, providing stable base for planting grass or mounting grass roll turfs.

If all 56,000 km2 of parking lots would switch to Geograss, Geoflor, and Runfloor instead of asphalt, we will see unprecedented benefits:
– CO2 emissions would be drastically lowered,
– Rainfall water would flow more freely and be more easily managed,
– Urban heating island would be reduced because green parking lots absorb heat much more efficiently,
– Parking lots would be much more aesthetically pleasing.

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