Turf Protection at Marcantonio Bentegodi Stadium, Verona, Italy

Solutions applied
Products used
Project size
  • 6000 m2

The Marcantonio Bentegodi Stadium, in Piazzale Olimpia, is the municipal plant in the city of Verona in which the two town professional football teams, Hellas Verona Football Club and Associazione Calcio ChievoVerona, play their matches. The sports complex also hosts the Female Champions matches of Bardolino Verona, some matches played by youth teams, events in athletics or other sports and occasionally musical events and concerts. In these last two cases, the customer, to preserve the state of the playing field, used Geoflor by Geoplast.

Geoflor was used to cover 6.000 sqm of the Bentegodi stadium playing field ensuring excellent surface stability.  Because of its thickness of only 24 mm, the product was laid over the existing lawn enabling the protection of turf against stress. The designer's choice was dictated by the fact that Geoflor is a solution that allows parking and transit of even heavy vehicles as well as the installation of heavy structures such as platforms, scaffoldings, and related service facilities.

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