Dell’ Angelo Hospital Green Roof, Venice, Italy

Solutions applied
Project size
  • 13000 m2

Mestre is home to the most technologically advanced hospital in Italy and one of the most cutting-edge in Europe. The first stone was laid on 20th February 2004 and the hospital complex has been in operation since 1st January 2008.

Geoflor was used to create all access ramps and the perimeter gardens of the great pyramid structure of the hospital: these green areas are usually accessible by patients as a normal garden but were reinforced with the Geoflor grid to withstand the passage of emergency vehicles such as the trucks of the Fire Department.

With Drainroof, a regenerated Polypropylene support designed to construct roof gardens, extensive green areas were created to cover the floors of underground parking, of the Eye Bank and of the side entrance of the Hospital.

Drainroof was chosen to ensure full protection of the waterproofing membrane of the roofs and proper storage of water as well as proper drainage and required ventilation of the green. The roof garden was vegetated with Sedum, which only one year after planting showed excellent development.

Drainroof has been highly appreciated for its simplicity and speed of installation, which ensured to the construction management compliance with the time for work completion, as well as for its specifications since it is safe, strong and durable. 

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