New Elevetor Tank saves 40% of household water

New Elevetor Tank is formwork for the construction of a concrete accumulation tank for rainwater harvesting. Introduced at home, rainwater reuse can drastically reduce household bills and save 40 % water. Harvested water can be used for different non-drinking purposes:

  • Washing machines,
  • Sanitation and hygiene,
  • Watering the garden,
  • Washing vehicles.

Depending on how much water a household use, savings can exceed 50 %. Therefore, the initial cost for installation is justified by long term savings from household rainwater harvesting solution. Additional benefits of rainwater harvesting solutions are the improvement of flooding resilience and preservation of the natural hydrologic cycle.

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New Elevetor Tank
Water solutions
Hathaway House redevelopment, London, UK
Flood Prevention Tanks, Craig House, Edinburgh, Scotland

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