Improve flooding resilience with New Elevetor Tank

Geoplast New Elevetor Tank stormwater management basin render

Extreme weather conditions caused by climate crisis causes abundant rainfalls and potential floodings. This situation requires fast response in terms of planning and design solutions that would mitigate flood risk and prevent further damages. Among various modes of flood risk management the document Governance Strategies for Improving Flood Resilience in the Face of Climate Change proposes spaces for water retention as measures that can save large areas, be it in urban or areas outside cities from flooding.

Our New Elevetor Tank is designed to easily build underground water accumulation tank in-situ. This way, water collected from large areas like parking lots or green areas is reused or disposed into the sewage system, without possibility to flood and endanger the surrounding.

New Elevetor Tank is suitable for fast and urgent interventions in areas where rainwater run-off presents flooding risk. It also adapts to limited space when applied on complex historical sites or existing structures for example. However, it is best applied when is carefully planned in advance, as a part of the whole hydraulic infrastructure.

The tank at Craig House in Scotland, describes best New Elevetor Tank’s suitability in numbers:

  • 17 x 44 m large tank, with depth of 2,5 m,
  • 1,900 m3 of capacity provided,
  • Installed in only 4 days,
  • Almost 190 m2 of formwork was installed daily by hand without machinery.

The advantages of New Elevetor Tank are:

  • Modular and light weight elements easily installable,
  • Fast and safe installation by hand without machinery,
  • Possibility of inspection and visibility for maintenance purposes,
  • Decreased use of concrete and steel, no beams nor columns necessary,
  • Large capacity that significantly improves flooding resilience of an area.

More on the projects completed with New Elevetor Tank

Nave de Vero shopping center, Venice
MondoJuve Mall, Turin
Craig House, Edinburgh, Scotland