Top five benefits for homeowners by Geoplast products

The key to improving sustainability and resilience globally is to motivate home owners to invest in it. This should be easy because most sustainability and resilience products offer substantial and immediate benefits to home-owners. Our products in particular provide better home pricing and higher living quality. Below are the top five benefits by Geoplast products which can be implemented today in every home:

Healthier living

Homeowners’ health can be damaged by dump and vapors that come from the soil through foundations. Our foundations manage dump and toxic vapors, such as radon, and protect the homeowners.
Ventilated foundations: Modulo, Multimodulo, New Elevetor.

More stable or growing home price due to sustainability and resilience

Real estate market already values sustainable homes better and maintains its pricing. Resilient homes are priced even better and maintain higher prices. Having a home that is both sustainable and resilient is a sure way to maintain and increase a price compared to the regular market.
Slabs: New Nautilus, New Nautilus Evo, Airplast, Skydome, Skyrail
Water: Drening, Drening Reflue, Drainpanel, New Elevetor Tank
Green: Completa, Drainroof, Salvaverde

Resilient to water damage

Most homes are damaged by poor water management. Underground basins of any size significantly contribute to flood prevention. Green roofs contribute to water resilience retaining rainwater and slowly releasing it. Elevated foundations also act as water management. Combination of all three makes all homes substantially resilient to flooding, storms, and extreme rainfalls.
Foundations: New Elevetor
Water solutions: Drening, Drainpanel, Drening Reflue, Geocell
Green roofs: Completa, Drainroof

Cheaper heat and energy management

Green roofs improve home thermal protection and decrease the use of air conditioning. Additional green areas around homes also reduce the need for thermal management. The more homes use these methods, its effect is multiplied to entire neighborhoods by lowering overall energy costs and reducing urban heat island.
Green roofs: Completa, Drainroof
Green walls: Wall-Y

More affordable initial purchasing price

Our slabs, foundation, and formwork solutions significantly decrease the amount of concrete and machinery used making the building process much leaner. This results in less time and money needed to build a home and could reflect in a lower purchasing price.
Slabs: New Nautilus, New Nautilus Evo, Airplast, Skydome, Skyrail
Foundations: Modulo, Multimodulo, New Elevetor
Formwork: Geopanel, Geopanel Star, Geotub, Geotub Panel

If all benefits are applied, a home will be cheaper to buy, healthier to live in, will require less energy, will be more resilient to extreme weather, and will maintain a better price compared to the market. All benefits are achieved with minimal changes to the building process and actually reduce building costs.