Geoplast has a green solution to almost every problem

Geoplast’s ‘green’ products are not there just for decoration. Green in our case implies enhancing the sustainable profitability of projects by decorative means. Our engineers have developed a wide range of products over the years that are ideal for combining cost-benefits, environmental concerns, and aesthetic values. That is why today we have a green solution for almost every part of the building.

Transit and parking solutions

Geoplast offers several high resistance grass grids that can be used in private or public parkings, driveways, and pedestrian areas. Apart from improving the landscaping qualities, green surface solutions provide natural drainage of the soil and minimize the possibility of flooding. This lowers later maintenance costs and offers great benefits to urban resilience.

Our products:
Geograss, Salvaverde, Geoflor, Runfloor

Our solutions:
Parking solution on existing lawn
High resistance parking and transit areas
Private parking and transit areas
Grass protection for temporary events

Indoor and outdoor green walls

Wall-Y is our lightweight modular solution for vertical gardens, that can be quickly and easily mounted to interior walls or the building facade. It creates a stable habitat for growing plants that is aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly, providing natural thermal and acoustic isolation of the building.

Our products:

Our solutions:
Outdoor green wall
Green walls
Decorative wall design element

Intensive and extensive roof gardens

Green roofs bring ornamental value to the property and improve the microclimate on the local urban level. A layer of soil also protects the house from the heat in summer and minimizes heat loss in the winter, lowering air-conditioning costs. Our Drainroof is designed for high load-bearing capacity, offering the possibility to create intensive roof gardens and urban roof farms with a thicker layer of soil. Completa allows for the creation of roofs with Sedum and Mesembryanthemum, which are excellent for sloped and unreachable surfaces that do not require much maintenance.

Our products:
Drainroof, Completa

Our solutions:
Urban roof farm
Extensive roof garden with grass
Extensive roof gardens with sedum
Carrier planted roof garden

Root protection

The root structure of trees can deform paved surfaces or get compressed by the weight of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Our New Elevetor is mostly used for building foundations, but can also create the protection space below the street level, sustaining the life of the trees and the functionality of the road at the same time.

Our products:
New Elevetor

Our solutions:
Root protection

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Our projects with green solutions

Micklands Hill private residence, Reading, UK
Walkable turf at Square of Miracles Pisa, Italy
Bermondsey Works, London, UK
Mille Miglia at Parco Giardino Sigurtà, Verona
Wynberg Girls High School courtyard, Cape Town