Green walls

Wall-Y provides support to the growth of climbing plants, offering a highly aesthetic and environmentally friendly solution for creating vertical gardens

  • Wall-Y vertical garden
  • Wall-Y VERTICAL garden
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High resistance grid for green walls


Geoplast has created the ideal solution for vertical green walls for gardens or interior walls. Wall-Y is made from virgin HDPE, a high-quality plastic material that maintains strength and durability over time, making it perfect for interior spaces and gardens. It is also available in green and white color — allowing it to be adorned on walls even without vegetation.


Wall-Y not only functions as a support for climbing plants and vertical gardens, but it also acts as a wall decoration thanks to its wide array of color combinations and stylish mesh weave, making it an engaging design element. In modern architecture, it is now the industry standard to cover buildings and walls with vertical greenery. Walls with greenery serve as natural thermal and acoustic insulation. In addition, our pot accessory accommodates the growth of plants on vertical green walls, allowing the vegetation to grow in many organic, but aesthetically pleasing patterns.


Wall-Y can be installed quickly and easily. Its lightweight and modular design make it easy to attach directly to the wall or with simple substructures. It is also resistant to weathering, which is ideal for creating a stable habitat for growing plants.


  • Easily adaptable to any surface
  • Can be used for self-supporting walls
  • Provides an instant decorating element for walls
  • Allows for ventilation
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