Micklands Hill private residence, Reading, UK

Solutions applied
Products used
Project size
  • 150 m2

The house designed by Adam Richard Architects consists of three smaller residential pavilions, connected with central stair hall. The roof of this central hall is flat and designed as the green roof.  

The elements of the green roof were mounted in just a week, due to fast installation of Completa elements filled with sedum and wildflower plants. Completa was used as a part of the ANS GrufeKit Sedum green roof modular element, with meadow evergreen grass.

This kind of green surface contains plants resistant to temperature changes, transforming itself into a lush green surface throughout the year. The benefits green roof provided here are:

  • Storing the rainwater,
  • Slowing down the rainwater's run-off,
  • No maintenance required,
  • Flourishing throughout the year,
  • Improving thermic and sound insulation of the interior.

More on benefits green roofs offer to the built environment

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