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COMPLETA is the solution for the creation of extensive roof gardens using a carrier planted system. It consists of a drainage panel with containment edges and a natural substrate made of Sedum and Mesembryanthemum carrier planted sod. These plants are excellent in order to obtain a simple green roof that does not require too much maintenance. It is the ideal solution for sloping and uneasily reachable roofs

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The latest generation of sedum roofs


COMPLETA allows the creation of garden roofs with Sedum and Mesembryanthemum, which are fast to install.
The different types of plant species require maintainance just two times a year, that is fertilization in middle-spring and middle-autumn. The insertion of gravel in the system guarantees a microclimate regulation, so that the carrier planted set does not require an high watering during drought periods.
The panels can easily be placed and hooked through a double overlap joint, up to a 10% slope. Due to the containment edges, the panel is 9 cm high.


  • Easy to install, even on slopes up to 10%
  • Irrigation system not required, supplemental only
  • Very low maintenance level (fertilization in spring and autumn)
  • Low weight stratigraphy
  • Rainfall regulation
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