6 Aquabox innovations for water management

Aquabox water management

Aquabox is our newest water product designed in 2020 with the goal to further improve rainwater management and flood resilience. The latest technologies and engineering trends that were used in its development give it 6 powerful features, that set it apart from the traditional water management systems and present-day competition:

Aquabox water management

100% inspectable

Aquabox modules are easily inspectable and approachable for cleaning, so that you can check the condition of the basin anytime during its life cycle.

Aquabox water management

96% water retention capacity

Aquabox is made of hollow plastic that can hold 3 times more water than gravel, crushed stone or perforated pipes.

Aquabox water management

High load bearing capacity

The SLW 60 load-bearing class makes Aquabox suitable for green or pedestrian surfaces, as well as areas subjected to heavy vehicle traffic.

Aquabox water management

Light weight and fast installation

Aquabox modules can be lifted, manipulated, and installed manually, by individual workers, which improves productivity and reduces the need for heavy machinery on site.

Aquabox water management

Less storage space

Aquabox elements are modular and designed to fit perfectly together. This reduces the volume of storage space, which can be particularly important for small or inaccessible worksites.

Aquabox water management


Aquabox is highly efficient in the reduction of surface runoff and the preservation of the natural water cycle, which greatly improves the resilience and sustainability of urban spaces.


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