Elevetor family compared – features and differences

Elevetor family compared

The Elevetor family includes 2 foundation products: New Elevetor and Elevetor Max. Both are designed to increase the sustainable profitability of construction projects by creating crawl spaces up to 3 meters in height with reduced use of gravel, EPS, and concrete.

Let’s explore their key features and differences to help you determine which is the best for your next project.

New Elevetor

Best for high load requirements

Elevetor Max

Best for fast setup

Top formwork
58 x 58 cm, H15 cm

Smaller top formwork reduces the span between tubes for higher load requirements

71 x 71 cm, H15 cm

Bigger top formwork for faster setup in large buildings

∅ 125 cm

One tube size for the entire project

∅ 125 / 160 / 200 cm

A range of tubes for different load requirements


Fast and easy setup

Max base + Spacer

Smaller base allows efficient material use, storage, and transport, while spacers stabilize the system, keeping tubes vertical


More efficient stacking for reduced storage and transport costs, and increased sustainability

New Elevetor
New Elevetor

New Elevetor features 2 base pedestals, Quatro and Trio, and one pipe size of ∅ 125 cm. It can be used for lightweight fills, flat, sloped, or stepped surfaces in buildings and landscaped areas, as well as stormwater management projects.


Elevetor Max
Elevetor Max

Elevetor Max supports 3 tube dimensions, depending on the grade capacity and project category loads. The larger top formwork guarantees even faster installation, making it ideal for large residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.