Our 3 favorite green solutions for urban areas

Our 3 favorite green solutions for urban areas
Cities cover permeable land with buildings and roads, causing heat islands, increased energy use, and flooding. Geoplast products can quickly and easily transform concrete and asphalt into green surfaces, improving urban sustainability and resilience. Here are our 3 favorite green solutions for urban areas:
1 Drainroof, Completa
Green roofs over in-terrain parking garages
Products: Drainroof, Completa

The roofs of in-terrain parking garages are typically covered with concrete and asphalt, affecting the local climate, energy consumption, and residents’ well-being. Drainroof and Completa can transform them into extensive and intensive green gardens, mitigating the effects of urban heat island.

2 New Elevetor
Root protection
Products: New Elevetor

Lush vegetation is crucial for enhancing the health of city life. New Elevetor is designed to create crawl spaces and structural lightweight fills, but can also be used for root protection of shrubs and trees, allowing them to grow freely near city roads.

3 Wall-Y
Outdoor green wall
Products: Wall-Y

Outdoor green walls are another solution for increasing city green areas. Wall-Y can be used on walls, fences, or any other vertical surface to lower the local temperature, boost energy efficiency, and enhance the living conditions of the building’s residents.

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