Interesting building reconstructions with Geotub

Interesting reconstruction done with Geotub
Geotub is our recycled plastic formwork for constructing round columns with increased speed and reduced use of machinery. Along with reducing the carbon footprint, this makes it perfect for reconstructions and expansions, which are typically done on sites that have limited space and require a fast setup. Below are three reconstruction projects that would have been challenging to complete without Geotub.
Velodrome stadium
Velodrome Stadium, Marseille, France

The reconstruction of Velodrome Stadium involved adding more seats and constructing a new canopy over the entire building in limited space for cranes and machinery. Geotub was designed for manual installation, helping reinforce the existing structure against the loads of new building components.


Oslo Gardermoen Airport
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Norway

The Oslo Gardermoen expansion was built with the existing airport building and runways being used during construction. Geotub responded to the complex construction site with a fast and easy setup, reducing the disruption of the airport’s functionality.


Kerisper bridge
Kerisper Bridge, La Trinité-sur-Mer, France

The Kerisper project involved reconstructing the support pillars of the old arch bridge over the Cratch River. Geotub reinforced the columns through a lateral setup in submerged conditions, which would have been difficult with wood, metal, or cardboard formwork.