Volleyball surface

In volleyball, jumping and slipping make the difference. The playing field must therefore guarantee an excellent elastic response, the right grip and a non excessive abrasiveness for joint protection and for jumps and slips in safety.

Gripper Indoor

Modular surface for indoor sports

Gripper Outdoor

Modular surface for outdoor sports


Gripper is the ideal solution for a sport like volleyball, because it allows to combine aesthetic and functionality, guaranteeing an optimal performance of the scene of action. Available in the Outdoor version with two types of tiles (25×25 cm e 30.5×30.5 cm) and in the Indoor version with a tile size of 33.3×33.3 cm, Gripper can be used both in outdoor structures and in indoor structures, for regulatory fields or for fields with customizable sizes.


Thanks to the multiple available colors, it is also possible to create writings and configurations to your liking. Gripper is weather tolerant and, once installed, it does not require any maintenance.


  • Easy to lay
  • Movementable
  • Versatile
  • Customizable
  • Draining
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