Leisure areas

On Gripper you can lay everything from body-building equipment to steppers, from tables to sofas, without fear of ruining it. The washable surface can also be walked on barefoot and guarantees comfort and hygiene.

  • leisure areas surface

Gripper Indoor

Modular surface for indoor sports

Gripper Outdoor

Modular surface for outdoor sports


Gripper is suitable for all places where playful or motor activities take place. Thanks to its elasticity, it is safe in case of falls and very resistant to intense stresses. Gripper is extremely easy to maintain and clean and can be placed also on existing surfaces.
Gripper is available both in the Indoor and Outdoor version.
Gripper Indoor was particularly designed for Indoor structures, thanks to the smooth surface that guarantees smoothness and comfort.
Gripper Outdoor was studied instead for outdoor activities, in fact it is provided with a perforated surface that guarantees a quick drainage in case of rainfalls, an easy cleaning and maximum safety.


  • Easy to lay
  • Movementable
  • Versatile
  • Customizable
  • Draining
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