Race paddock flooring

Gripper allows you to customize your paddock, box and hospitality flooring in an exclusive way, giving an original touch to your sports team

Gripper Outdoor

Modular surface for outdoor sports


Gripper makes it possible to create flooring for paddocks, boxes and hospitality in a versatile and exclusive way. Not only colour, but also size can be customized.
Gripper is available in the Outdoor version with two types of tiles, 25×25 cm and 30.5×30.5 cm, and in the Indoor version with the 33.3×33.3 cm tile. The installation speed and adaptable dimensions allow Gripper to be positioned in any type of area, even in smaller spaces, such as boxes or paddocks. Gripper can also be used for temporary events and quickly removed at a later date. Gripper Indoor can also be combined with a cushioning mat to make the surface more elastic and comfortable.


  • Easy to lay
  • Movementable
  • Versatile
  • Customizable
  • Draining
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