Inline hockey surface

Inline hockey uses very special equipment such as inline skates and disc. For this sport, Gripper Indoor guarantees a smooth skating with frequent stops and starts, as well as a perfect slip of the disc.


Gripper Indoor

Modular surface for indoor sports


Gripper was designed to create a high level technical response in all sports. The Indoor solution is perfect for hockey in-line. It in fact, requires a smooth surface for skates and disk fluidity. Gripper Indoor is modular and its color is customizable, it has a completely smooth surface and a particular structure that makes possible to place it on different types of cushioning mats. This is useful for a sport of contact like hockey, where it is necessary to cushion slips or falls. Gripper is particularly suitable for sports with skates, as it is designed to reduce joint fatigue.


  • Easy to lay
  • Movementable
  • Versatile
  • Customizable
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