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Aquabox webinar series – 3rd of 3: Design of stormwater management solutions – calculation of underground basins

Join our final webinar which is the 3rd part of our webinar series about Aquabox, our product for rainwater management. Water management solutions protect buildings from water damage, reduce maintenance costs, and improve the revenue of the real estate. Data and statistics show that floods are the most common among natural disasters, causing more than $40 billion in damage worldwide annually. Improvement of the flood resilience of the cities has become an important goal in global climate change.

There is no single standard or method that determines the procedure for dimensioning underground basins. This webinar will explain the procedure and the methodology to achieve the quality design of the underground basins such as minimum cover, maximum depth, and other essential parameters. The webinar will also explicate the procedure used in our reports concerning why and when the Aquabox solutions are chosen for the construction of underground basins.

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