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Aquabox webinar series – 2nd of 3: Design criteria for a new high-performance product

Join us at the second webinar of our webinar series about Aquabox, a new product for rainwater management. The webinar addresses the logic and criteria that have been the basis of Aquabox development. A few decades into its existence, the geocellular module market is coalescing around standards in the domains of technical performance, operability, and economics of stormwater tanks during their installation and once in service: all of this had to be taken into account while engineering Aquabox.

Aquabox is a high capacity modular solution for stormwater retention, infiltration, disposal, or reuse. High-performance products like Aquabox offer multiple benefits and provide various solutions. Aquabox is now the newest product on the market and applies all the latest design and technological advancements. This makes it highly competitive.

Aquabox water solutions include rainwater infiltration, stormwater attenuation, and rainwater harvesting. It improves ROI by preventing water-related damage and reducing long term maintenance costs. Also, the high capacity of the water retention system enhances infrastructure resilience in urban and rural areas. Thanks to good mechanical resistance, Aquabox can be installed in industrial and commercial areas subjected to heavy vehicle traffic.

Aquabox key features:

  • 96 % water retention capacity,
  • 100 % inspectable,
  • Improves project ROI,
  • SLW 60 class load capacity,
  • Saves storage space.

Our Sales Manager Europe Roberto Cecchinato will present the design criteria for the new high-performance product, Aquabox.

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