Top 3 methods for sustainable retrofitting of existing buildings

Sustainable retrofitting of buildings in urban areas is more energy-efficient than building the new construction and offers great ROI. The smart implementation of retrofits can reduce energy use up to 30 %, which leads to the long term savings for energy expenses. Here are 3 ways to improve sustainability of existing buildings:

Green roofs

Our products: Drainroof, Completa

Geoplast solutions for both intensive and extensive green roofs are easy to install on existing roofs. Our green solutions improve sustainable profitability of projects by saving thermal energy and by substantially lowering energy costs.

Rainwater reuse

Our products: Aquabox, New Elevetor Tank, Geotub

Our formwork for the construction of a concrete water accumulation tank for rainwater harvesting saves up to 40 % water. The concrete rainwater tank is a particularly convenient solution for water-saving retrofitting of sustainable park irrigation, architectural heritage, as well as existing buildings that need to improve water use efficiency. Additionally, our water solutions protect from water damage, reduce maintenance costs, and improve real estate revenue.

Green parking lots

Our products: Runfloor, Geofloor, Salvaverde, Geograss

Our green products are easy to install and allow the use of grass surfaces for both walking and driving. Parking solution on the existing lawn improves the rainwater resilience of the property and provides a cost-effective fully permeable surface.

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