Improved project profitability with New Nautilus Evo

About New Nautilus Evo

New Nautilus Evo is a formwork for creation of voided lightened slabs. It helps decrease the concrete used in molding while maintaining the same load-bearing capacity that solid concrete slabs have.

New Nautilus Evo improves project profitability by:

  • Speeding up the building process,
  • Reducing the need for machinery,
  • Reducing the need for concrete by up to 20 %,
  • Improving building multi-use by reducing the need for bearing walls and columns,
  • Improving the overall sustainability by reducing concrete and machinery.

See our selected New Nautilus Evo projects:

Duale hochschule, Stuttgart, Germany

Geoplast Duale Hochschule Stuttgart floor slabs were built with New nautilus Evo

New university building in Stuttgart was designed as irregular form on the lot surrounded by three streets. 15,000 m2 of floor slabs were built with New nautilus Evo, providing space that can be easily adapted to various purposes one school has, and facade that can be designed without limitations caused by structural elements.

Ericsson HQ, Genoa, Italy

Geoplast Ericsson HQ Genoa

The project of 40,000 m2, for the new office building for Ericsson company required several types of slabs, depending on the load and purpose previewed. Therefore, New Nautilus Evo H24 and H32 were used to build both common slabs with 300 kN load, but also for industrial floors to stand 1000 kN load.

Varyant tower, Izmir

Geoplast Varyant towe Izmir

Varyant tower, one of the newest landmarks in Izmir, contains 20,000 m2 of lightened slabs. New Nautilus Evo was used to create bidirectional slabs on the hexagonal plan, to be light, and more seismically resilient.

Gallery Lafayette, Rennes, France

Geoplast Lafayette

The reconstruction project of the famous retail store required works in the existing structure. Since the existing bearing walls were weak, new slabs should have been planned as lighter as possible. Bi-directional slabs were then the only solution. New Nautilus Evo was chosen for its ease of use and installation in limited space.

Vadikoru residential and business complex in Istanbul, Turkey

Vadikoru residential and business complex in Istanbul, Turkey

Mixed-use complex 80,000 m2 large consists of residential area, car-parking, office space, and shopping mall. Such a complex structure required slabs that might fit different uses and users. New Nautilus Evo was used to fulfill these requirements, creating bi-directional slabs molded on-site, lighter, and more resilient than solid concrete slabs.