Our top projects in which we reduced building costs

Geoplast Velodrome Geotub

Building costs are significantly reduced by using less concrete, less machinery, and by construction works completed quicker. Our products support lean construction, and here is how:

Slabs products

  • Decrease up to 20% of concrete used in slabs’ construction,
  • Require less concrete spent on columns and down-stand beams due to large-span slabs they create.

Formwork products

  • Lightweight and require less machinery,
  • Easy to transport, store, and use on the construction site.

Foundations products

  • Fast installation (1,600 m2 of Modulo foundation slab is installed in just two days),
  • Less concrete and less related machinery.

Top projects that illustrate all these benefits in cost- and time-saving:

Adnan Menderes airport

Geoplast Modulo reduced the weight of the slab on Adnan Menderes airport

Ventilated foundations on a surface of 9,600 m2 were built with Modulo. Modulo reduced the weight of the slab by up to 45%. Due to modularity and fast installation, around 1,600 m2 of Modulo were installed in just two days.

EXPO 2020 Dubai

Expo2020Dubai New Elevetor Geoplast

The project of the main public space in EXPO 2020 Dubai complex, with surface of 50,000 m2, was completed with New Elevetor. The crawl space obtained this way was used to host electricity, ventilation, and other systems.

Marmara Tower

Geoplast Marmara tower

Slabs of Marmara tower, one of Istanbul’s landmarks, were created with New Nautilus, which helped save up to 20% of concrete.

Santo Stefano hospital

Geoplast New Nautilus was used for Santo Stefano

The hospital is one of our largest projects – total surface of 23,900 m2 of lightened bidirectional slabs with New Nautilus Double and 210,900 m2 of slabs with New Nautilus Single slabs were built. Besides significant decrease of concrete used, this construction provided better response to seismic load.

Vélodrome stadium in Marseille

Geoplast Geotub was used on Velodrome

Due to lack of space for cranes and machinery, reconstruction and extension of the existing Velodrome stadium construction was planned with Geotub, our formwork easily installable by hand, in limited space within existing structure.

Geoplast slabs calculators
To pre-calculate the lightened slabs in your project, use our New Nautilus slabs calculator and New Nautilus Evo slabs calculator. One of the parameters you can get and compare is Concrete reduction, which directly generates the building costs reduction, in comparison to the solid slabs construction.