Geoplast water products for improved climate adaptation

Water-related events such as floods, droughts, and windstorms, account for 90 % of major natural disasters that are steadily increasing in frequency. Disaster risk reduction and water security are urgent economic, societal, and environmental issues. They require immediate attention and integration with urban development planning. Given that climate change was our number one concern since the beginning, we already have an array of stormwater management solutions developed for different urban conditions:

Geoplast Drainpanel 3D render


Drainpanel is a lamination module designed to easily adapt to small or uneven excavation depths and create rainwater infiltration, storage, or harvesting basins.

Example project: Allianz Cloud sports hall in Milan

Geoplast Drening stormwater management basin render


Drening is a tunnel module that is particularly convenient for linear, e.g. road drainage systems, as well as subsurface basins under car parks and paved urban areas.

Example project: Marchesini Group Headquarters, Saint Mesmes

Geoplast Aquabox stormwater management system render


Aquabox modules can form stormwater basins of any depth and size, that can be used for any stormwater management task, from drainage and infiltration to retention and reuse.

Example project: Milan Bergamo Airport, Orio al Serio

Geoplast New Elevetor Tank stormwater management basin render

New Elevetor Tank

With a high load-bearing capacity and customizable size and shape, New Elevetor Tank is the go-to option for creating concrete stormwater tanks under roads, buildings, or in limited spaces.

Example project: Hathaway House redevelopment, London

Geoplast Geocell stormwater management module render


Geocell is a modular panel for draining both horizontal and vertical surfaces, whose bi-directional capabilities prevent clogging and offer 20 % excavation depth reduction compared to gravel.

Example project: Observatory, Marana di Crespadoro

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