Modulo – sustainability, resilience, wellness, cost reduction

Modulo sustainability resilience wellness cost reduction

We launched Modulo in 1998, and since then it maintained the position of our most used and most versatile product. Modulo was designed to provide ventilated foundations, but its benefits grew to include sustainability, cost reduction, building speed, residents’ wellness, and many others.

With available heights ranging from 3 to 70 cm, it offers multiple solutions for all construction elements: foundations, slabs, walls, and roofs. Modulo is mostly used to build ventilated foundations of buildings. It is also widely present in public spaces to create squares, ramps, stairs, and voids for infrastructural systems under pavements.

Top Modulo benefits are:

Sustainability – Lowered concrete related CO2 emissions
Decreased use of concrete directly impacts lower amount of CO2 emitted in the air during its production. This is especially notable in large scale projects.

Resilience – Improved seismic performance
Decreased amount of concrete in construction impacts directly the overall mass of a building. This makes it more resilient to earthquakes.

Wellness – Protection from vapor intrusion
With ventilated crawl space that Modulo creates, toxic gases like radon are prevented from entering homes. This way, intrusion of toxic vapors is prevented, providing higher air-quality and comfort for users.

Cost reduction – Decreased use of concrete and related machinery
Construction with Modulo provides significantly decreased concrete use which results in lower costs, overall less related machinery use, and faster and more affordable building process.

Our favorite Modulo projects

Symbiosis Business district in Milan

City of arts and sciences foundation in Valencia

Adnan Menderes Airport in Izmir, Turkey

Link House in South Africa

Botanical garden in Padua, Italy

Morocco Mall, Casablanca, Morocco

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