Cool down your city with Geoplast

Cool down your cities with Geoplast

Here is an example of a vicious circle: global warming causes more severe heat waves each year, we use air conditioning to cool down, induce peak electricity loads that increase carbon emmisions, and give a new boost to global warming.

Since cooling down is likely going to take more than air conditioning, we have explored design strategies to improve thermal comfort in a more sustainable way. Here are 3 solutions you can apply right now to cool down your city (and save the planet):

Build more green roofs

A layer of soil on the roof lowers the building’s energy consumption by 43 %. Drainroof and Completa are our modular trays for creating easy-to-maintain intensive and extensive green roofs that can benefit both the inhabitants of the building and the wellbeing of the local community.

Include green walls in your next project

Green walls provide natural thermal insulation and along with lowering energy costs by 23 %, they also decrease local outdoor temperature. Wall-Y is our plastic mesh for vertical green gardens that can be easily mounted to outdoor and indoor walls, as well as yard fences, serving as a powerful tool for improving the microclimate.

Make parking and transit areas green

Making more transit areas and parking lots green could have a crucial role in the reduction of urban heat islands. Along with protecting the grass and improving the permeability of the soil, Geocross, Geograss, Geoflor, Runfloor, and Salvaverde are designed to create sustainable green paving over new or existing turfs in a matter of hours.

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