Sustainability tips for architects

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Sustainability is an unstoppable irresistible trend that must be adopted by all architects. I have been working with architects on improving the sustainability, profitability, and quality of construction projects for decades. Based on my experience, here are basic tips all architects might find useful to follow:

Replace virgin with recycled materials

Using virgin materials is in most cases a problem for sustainability. Your goal should be to use as much recycled material as you can and to reduce virgin materials. A quick email to your suppliers and manufacturers will be enough to understand if you are using materials and products that use recycled materials or not.

Use globally available, mass-produced, affordable solutions

Too often architects choose solutions that are very popular but can not improve construction globally because of production limitations, lack of distribution, or a high price. It is best to invest in innovations that are available globally, can easily scale the production, and are affordable by a large part of the market.

Using long term proven solutions

Construction projects are going to be used for decades, if not centuries. When designing and constructing you should make sure to choose solutions that have the highest probability of remaining relevant and being respected in the long run. This is achieved by choosing solutions that have already been proven and have a long-term vision.

As a product designer & manufacturer, I suggest that you call us and inquire in detail about the above tips before you make a decision on which material and products to use. We share a common goal to improve sustainability in construction, and any architect and manufacturer should be willing to work together.